Friday, January 27, 2012

So Long (and Thanks for all the Fish!) (For Here Anyway)

For those paying attention, there's been some changes going on.  Sometime later today my website will be going dark as we prepare to relaunch it as a new membership website a few weeks from now!

As a part of that switchover, my blog is also moving to a new home at  Featuring my blog entries; twitter pics; news feed - will become News Central for everything going on with me!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Fan Poetry

Roses are red,
The sky is blue. 
Let me bend you over
and stick my cock in you.

via Twitter

My Own Little World and Grateful For It.

So I woke up on January 1st to a Best New Face: Up and Cummer nomination for the Tranny Awards. I'll be honest; it kind of blew my mind.  While I expected to get a nom for the Non-Stereotypical Porn Star, I didn't think I had a snowball's chance of getting named for this one.

It got me thinking how grateful I am for all of you... all of my fans.  And that's on a lot of levels.  The award nominations are great and thanks to those of you who put me up for it.  But what I'm truly grateful for is the support you all have shown throughout the year.

"Waiving My Wand" Prod: Rob
The reality is I'm kind of off in my own little corner of the porn world.  While I'm using respected Producers in the Industry and producing material of the same quality of traditional websites, I'm not really producing the same flavor of content they do.  What I put on film is vey much me.  I put the nuances of my personality and interests right there on the screen.  I shoot fun things because, well, if its not fun, why the fuck am I doing this?

What's been fascinating to me, is that you all have supported my work, both by your comments around the web and by voting with your dollars by joining my fan club.  Everytime I've raised my production budgets, I've seen new fans join the ranks and they've let me take things to greater and greater heights.   I get to make something I love doing thanks to you.  All of you are as much a part of my sucess as my hard work.

One year ago, I was entirely unknown.  I was just a lil' fish in the big webcam pool called iFriends.  By the summer, I became one of the better known faces on iFriends.  Not only was I the first TS invited into their Adult Star Program, but I was one of the first chat hosts in it, period.  The team at iFriends saw what I was doing, and they believed in me.  It's let me ascend further this year than I could have dreamed.  I'm thankful for what Christine, Jamie, Amanda, all the awesome guys in tech support, the creative team doing my promos, and all the other unseen faces at iFriends have done for me.

"A Nice Set" Prod: Rob
And as started to produce my own content, I ventured off of iFriends and continued to encounter folks willing to come along and join me on the journey: Brittany St. Jordan, who has been very much a mentor to me, said this to me when I sought her advice: "If you want to give it a shot talk to Grooby. If you like it and want to keep going with it then great and if you find it isn't your cup of tea then you can walk away and keep on doing what you do now."  I took her advice and loved it.

"Student of Anatomy" Prod: Tony Vee
On that shoot, I met the first Producer who would help me on my path - Rob.  We immediately clicked and on the spot I brought him on board to shoot content for me.  We managed to shoot 5 sets over 2 days before circumstances in his life drew him away from porn.  He taught me how to really draw my personality into the work we were doing; Working with him on "A Nice Set" really hammered home the importance of storytelling with what I shoot.  I'm grateful for the experience I gained with him.

When I started putting that work online, things boomed for me.  Overnight my fan club membership doubled.  I had budget, but no Producer.  Tony Vee was willing to step in and rack out a few sets for me.  Under Tony's direction I started to learn a bit about posing and the importance of tits, ass and cock.  When it gets down to it, isn't that what TS porn is about?

"Captain Cavegirl" Prod: Remy
Within a few weeks I found my new "go-to" Producer, Remy.  She's probably going to not be happy because I mentioned her (she definitely shies away from the limelight), but she's a major piece to why things have come together.  She knows her craft and she's definitely pushed me as a model.  She's nurturing when she needs to be but has also pushed and forced me to grow in ways I didn't know I needed.  Hell she's humored me when need be (our now infamous 8 sets in 26 hours fiasco).

Late in the year, I added another Producer to the mix, Sergio.  My first foot-centric shoot with Rob had done so well, I decided to stretch beyond the TS industry and found Sergio, a foot fetish Producer.  Sergio hadn't given much thought to TS work prior shooting for me, but he showed he has the chops for it when his first set generated the highest fan response ever for me.

"Toe Dye" Prod: Sergio
In terms of shooting for other companies: I've had 3 solo sets and 1 hardcore set go live across two different websites.  All have been well-received.  I'm grateful for the opportunities provided to me there by Grooby and She-Male Strokers.  Both companies have been amazing to work with and given fan response, I'm sure I'll do so again.

There's another person who's helped make 2011 successful for me.  Late in the year I brought in Wendy Williams as my publicist - thanks to her my name is seeing more exposure than ever before.  She's someone who has had longevity in this field -- and there's a reason for it.  I'm lucky to have her on board.

Looking back it's been one hell of a year.  I’m grateful for it; grateful to my fans, my friends, and the Industry professionals who've supported me.  Best of all?  I see no signs of this success ending any time soon.

And that's fucking awesome!

"Toe-Riffic!" Prod: Rob

"Pretty in Pink" Prod: Remy

"Set Phasers for Cum" Prod: Remy

Monday, January 2, 2012

Transwomen and the straight guys who dig us

So whenever I am on iFriends, they put this ad on iFriends front page letting folks know I am on. Apparently, not everyone knows what TS stands for: LOL  What can I say: I'm a trap ;).

Typically when folks first enter my chat room, I tend to greet them with my cock.  (No matter which cam site, there's typically some fake TS's on there -- I like to establish my credentials ;)).

Last night, I entirely shocked someone who clicked through.

"WOAH" he typed.

"Not expecting the cock, were you?"

"No.  Thanks."

I removed my top revealing my breasts.

"Wait, are those real breasts?"

We proceeded to talk for a few minutes... I kept my cock out of view but showed my ass & my tits.  It was pretty clear his curiosity (and something else) was raised.  He eventually freaked and ran from the chat room.  But in my experience, he'll be back ;).  Guys like him always are.

There's such a stigma out there regarding cocks, and since we TS's have them, us too.  But a large chunk of my webcam traffic comes from guys who never considered a TS before.  There's an intrigue surrounding us.

 I think the biggest stigma is the perception that it's a gay thing.  But the reality is a TS woman has the energy of a woman.  It changes the dynamic... ask any gay male - they want nothing to do with a TS.  Finding a TS sexually appealing is definitely not a gay thing.

I've been lucky -- I have the benefit of no one having a clue I'm transsexual until I drop my pants.  I've found both in my personal and professional life, that so long as your pretty, guys tend to care a lot less about what's between your legs.  Enough, at least, to experiment and explore and have a little fun.

Are TS's for everyone, no?  But there are a lot of guys who can and do dig us.  I suspect that last night, I opened up the eyes of another one.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Christmas Present Evah!

For those who don't know, we're currently redesigning my website and as a piece of it the team at iFriends was willing to design me a special co-branded promo to blend into the website. They delivered it to me this morning and all I can say is friggin awesome! These images were not shot intended to be a strip tease but the iFriends creative team strung them together as such and it looks great. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

No matter what holiday you are celebrating this time of year, know that my Festivus pole is always ready for a party ;).  May your season be safe and joyful.  Wendy